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Last updated 8th July 2024: I am sorry but I currently have no availability.

Please contact me for up to date details, to be added to my waiting list or for recommendations for other trusted, qualified counsellors.

Love and Desire I really enjoyed this article from my relationship idol Esther Perel as I am aware how easily desire can be lost in long-term relationships.  When we know someone so well, it's difficult to find the stranger, which was part of the desire and attraction at the beginning. There is a lovely exercise at the […]
Self love
People work hard every day to improve their relationships, find love, secure friendships... yet these are so difficult to achieve and manage if you neglect the most important relationship in your life. The one you have with YOU. What does self love mean? That of course is relative, but for me self love lies in […]
IMG_4876 I moved into my own counselling room recently and although there’s still a lot to do, I thought it would be nice to share the progress on my blog…. This link is a video from my Instagram story just after I’d seen my first client in my new premises.

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